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SPARK is an initiative of RGBlink promoting new ideas and setting the agenda for video and entertainment technology.

For SPARK3 – our 3rd annual spring event – RGBlink is partnering with leading lighting manufacturer Acme, to bring SPARK to Guangzhou for the first time in 2018.
To be held on the evening of May 8th, SPARK3 is presented in a new format allowing delegates to not only see presentations of the latest from both Acme Lighting and RGBlink which focus on entertainment technologies in video and lighting, but also see those products in action

SPARK3 is an ideal platform for developing partnerships, sharing experience, resources and synergies.

Sure to be a memorable night, SPARK3 is an exclusive must attend for industry professionals.
solutions from RGBlink for events and entertainment
bringing events technology together
solutions from ACME for events and entertainment
Conference Timetable
May 8 / Tuesday
Registration & Welcome Drinks
Register and make your mark on the signature wall.
Arrive early to socialize and meet with industry colleagues.
SPARK Begins
SPARK opening
Keynote from Ben Hu (RGBlink) and Thomas Su (Acme)
Entertainment / Dinner Served
RGBlink presents
Acme presents
RGBlink presents
Acme presents MDG
Closing remarks from Ben Hu (RGBlink) and Thomas Su (Acme)

Intelligent Lighting
ACME Group established in 1985 , is one of the largest enterprises known worldwide for its specialization in the field of lighting such as stage lighting, entertainment lighting, architectural and commercial lighting, audio, amplifiers and control system of professional manufacturers.
Acme is headquartered in Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, "National Torch Plan Foshan new material industry base (Cangjiang Industrial Park East Park)" that covers an area of 100,000 square meters facility in Foshan City, Guangdong,China. ACME has a standardized modern factory with high specification office building and with over 1000 employees. Our products are highly recognized worldwide for their quality, in over 70 countries.
Video Processing
Founded in 2009 on what seemed to be a simple need - RGBlink has grown rapidly to become the leading manufacturer in Asia of specialized video processing equipment, providing a range of hardware based solutions that continues to revolutionize and democratize video for displays everywhere and anywhere, releasing displays from conventions of format and presentation.
RGBlink is Asia's leading professional video company.
RGBlink are dedicated to developing and building quality video products for professional av applications that make advanced video accessible to a broad range of visual markets
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