Key Features

Seamless switching 32 x 32 matrix / router

Up to 64 mega pixels output splicing

Display up to 128 layers

DSK and Chroma Key features

OSD text overlay feature for subtitling and


Wide range of SmartSlot™ modules for input and


Redundant hot swap power supply option

Auto temperature control

Genlock built-in

Support scheduled power off/on and remote


Windows ® and Apple OS X® native software



     VENUS X7 is an HDCP compliant, scalable and extendable routing and video wall processorconfigurable to support a variety of inputs and outputs and windowing capabilities. VENUS X7 features RGBlink 3rd generation high performance video scaling technology for excellent image reproduction. VENUS X7 has a modular design, the card frame style, SmartSlot system allowing installation of up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs. Signals supported include SDI, HDMI and DVI, as well as DisplayPort, VGA, and USB direct input. Any input can be scaled, positioned, routed, transcoded to any output or be assembled as layers across outputs. Output capacity is a massive 64 mega pixels. Built for intensive switching and routing applications, the modular design extends to all aspects of the VENUS X7 for reliable and durable service. 

Input Modules

The DVI module supports 4 DVI inputs

The HDMI module supports 4 HDMI inputs

The VGA module supports 4 VGA inputs

The SDI module supports 4 SDI inputs

The USB module supports 4 USB inputs

 The CVBS module supports 8 CVBS inputs

The HDMI_SDI module supports 2 SDI inputs, 2 SDI loop out and 2 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI loop out

The VGA_AV module supports 2 CVBS inputs or 1 CVBS input, 1 CVBS loop out, and 2 VGA inputs, 2 VGA loop out

Output Modules

The DVI module supports 4 DVI outputs

The VGA module spports 4 VGA outputs

The SDI module supports 4 SDI outputs

The HDMI module supports 4 HDMI outputs

Control Interface

Windows control program

Remote RS-232, USB, TCP/IP control

Power supply


Net Size

482mm x 385mm x 311mm





RGBlink is registered trademark of Xiamen RGBlink Science & Technology Co Ltd.
ICP 09046269