Key Features

Scalable videowall processing for large videowall with up to 8 displays or more

 Card frame videowall processing system available with 6 slots

 Scalable, field-expandable systems

 High speed, dedicated video/graphic bus delivers real-time performance, each channel up to 4.25Gbps

 Seamless switching between the inputs and display windows or layers

 Multiple cascade to create un-limit real time display resolution

 Local control panel as option

 Upload and display stored images

 Output max supports 16 layers operation, and single output max supports 4 layers

 Input module max supports 4 layers operation




The VENUS X3 is an HDCP-compliant, scalable, expandable videowal l processor configurable to support a variety of inputs, outputs, and windowing capabilities. It features high performance video scaling capable of producing very high quality images. The VENUS X3 offers six card cages that support various combinations of input and output cards for 3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI, Displayport, RGB, HDTV, USB (for media files play) or video sources. Hundreds of additional video or graphic sources can be input to the VENUS X3 using the RGBlink AVDXP Matrix and Router. Multiple VENUS X3 can be cascaded to create very large display arrays. A dedicated, high-speed video/graphic bus maintains real-time performance even under heavy loading of inputs. Compared with other videowall processors, the VENUS X3 extends three main important performance for presentation application. One is seamless switching between the inputs, another comes with local control panel option, and the third is preview on the front panel directly. These advantages make the VENUS X3 ideal for all types of surveillance, presentation, and visualization applications, whether traffic, security, military, or process control


Each DVI module supports 4 DVI inputs

Each HDMI module supports 4 HDMI inputs

Each VGA module supports 4 VGA inputs

Each CVBS module supports 8 CVBS inputs

Each USB module supports 4 USB inputs

Each S-HDMI module supports 4 HDMI inputs

Each S-SDI module supports 4 SDI inputs and 4 SDI loop out

Each Dual Link DVI module supports 2 DVI inputs

Each SDI module supports 4 SDI inputs and 4 SDI loop out


Each DVI module supports 4 DVI outputs

Each DVI+VGA module spports 4 DVI outputs

Each SDI module supports 4 SDI outputs

Control Interface

Windows control program

Remote RS-232, USB, TCP/IP control

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Net weight


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Power supply


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