VSP 1314
Key Features

Support Preview function

Support PIP and user-definedpixel-based scaling

Support Blackground insert

Seamless switch with effect

Precompile and fast progrma


The VSP 1314 is a 3 layers seamless switcher and scale that accepts a wide variety of video signals, including RGB computer-video, HDTV, which support 4 composite (CVBS),2 VGA, 2 DVI (compatible with HDMI1.3),2 USB inputs and 2 DVI3(background window). It combines truly seamless, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technology to meet the requirement of high quality, high resolution video presentation. Use the switching transition effects can offer a wide range of effects, such ad full screen, dissolves and wipes with selectable durations as well as a cutt, the video transition effect is only enable for the program output .Numerous seamless transition effects, triple windows operation, variety user configuration, pixel-to-pixel, multiple save memory and remote control ways for integration,VSP1314 is designed to deliver advanced capabilities to high-end presentation environments. The VSP 1314 uses two editable input structures, one is CV1,CV2,VGA1,DVI1 and USB1 input, and the other is CV3,CV4,VGA2,DVI2 and USB2 input ,it can process each input and monitor the image as well as the preview output ,user can send each input to preview monitor ,and after confirm, take the input to program output.

VSP1314 offers three outputs, each can be set as program output or preview output and connect to the back end display system, including projector, LED display and conference system. The VSP 1314 is available to be controlled from the local color panel as well as through remote RS232,USB and Ethernet control. Local color panel matches green light (in the broadcast), yellow light(to be broadcast), red light(optional broadcast),and highlight OLED panel .Further more, presentation can be managed by using the RGBlink VSP1314 Window based software.



4 x Composite(CVBS)

2 x VGA (Compatible with YPbPr)

2 x DVI (Compatible with HDMI 1.3)

1 X Blackground/Split (DVI3)


2 x DVI

1 x VGA

Control Interface

Front panel operation


Power Supply


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