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1/10/2017 3:03:18 PMPROAV Signal Monitor &Generator


   Introducing the MSP 200PRO from RGBlink. An all new product, MSP 200PRO contains advanced video testing and monitoring features that have been the available from only a select few manufacturers previously.


    All functions are controlled from the inbuilt touch screen for easy operations and navigation. The touch screen menu provides for video source selection, output resolution setting, EDID setting, Genlock configuration, Time Code display graphical signal analysis plus on board video monitor.

   As standard, video for output can be from the range of built in test patterns, from USB media like MP4 or from an external HDMI source. The built in range of test patterns includes international standard colour bars, grey scale displays, geometric grids as well as configurable solid colours. There is a USB2.0 media input which allows pre-recorded video from MP4 or AVI files to be used as a test signal. This also provides the capability to use custom images as test patterns for testing for application specific requirements. As standard MSP 200PRO also includes a input for an external HDMI source. This could be used also for test video, or for MSP 200PRO to be used as an inline video monitor.

   Output can be set to a wide range of resolutions and formats, with outputs for 3G-SDI, CVBS and DVI. The DVI output also supports HDMI and VGA signal transmission. With EDID configuration, there is extensive capability for testing downstream displays and other devices including configuring for specific requirements.



  In broadcast and camera applications, Genlock is an important capability. MSP 200PRO accepts and passes Genlock to output, or MSP 200PRO can generate Genlock signals.

   For inspection of frame delay, Time Code output can be generated, and is displayed in Milliseconds. Time Code can both be displayed on the output – with position able to be adjusted – and on the MSP 200PRO display itself.   

   For the video professional, on board Analysis is available with graphs showing Frequency Distribution as a histogram, Luminance, a vector display of Chrominance and also an Audio frequency monitor.





    The video being sent to output can be previewed an monitored directly on the MSP 200PRO display, more than a testing tool, MSP 200PRO is a monitor itself.

     MSP 200PRO really introduces impressive new capabilities and flexibility in a testing device from RGBlink, and is sure to be an essential device for anyone working with video and video displays every day.

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