X1pro e

Key Features

1U frame style

EDID management

Independent scaling

Matrix for input and output

Seamless switching

8K1K or 4K2K pixel-to-pixel input




 4K Switching&Scaling

When more than 2K is needed,X1 pro e enables 4K switching,scaling and signal distribution to 2k display devices.Ideal for connection to LED displays where multiple Sender Cards are used, X1pro supports up tp 4K input signals with Dual Link DVI,HDMI and DisplayPort.Full 4K distribution is available,and with multi-mode operations other creative possibilities are available too,including Dual 2K(4k1k)output.Loop output connectors are provided as well enabling connections for redundant backups or multi-sync applications.X1pro e builds on the everyday X1 capabilities with straight forward 4K scaling ang signal distribution that is fast and easy to use.

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