VSP 9516S

Key Features


input/output resolution

User-defined resolution adjustment

Picture in picture

Audio and video sync

Seamless switching between inputs

DSK for subtitle overlay

LED display connection from front panel directly

Two LED sending card install inside already


VSP 9516S is the first LED video processor developed by RGBlink which does support the LED screen connection function. It supports inputs including 3×CVBS, 1×S-Video, 1×YPbPr, 1×VGA, 1×DVI-I (compatible with HDMI), 1×Displayport, 1×3G-SDI, up to 9 channels inputs, and 2×DVI-I, 1×VGA, up to 3 simultaneous outputs. VSP 9516S is not only a video scaler for video and graphic processing or just provides power and makes room for the sending cards to install inside.

VSP 9516S embedded a special menu for local control LED screen by its each LED sending card in connected, operator will easily operate display connection, brightness adjustment, Gamma correction by <DISPLAY CONNECTION> menu after decide the sending card model. VSP 9516S integrates Display Setting Remote Control Interface with the video processing remote control software also, operator will have more remote control options.


3 x CVBS

1 x S-Video

1 x YPbPr (Standard or HD)

1 x VGA

1 x DVI (HDMI 1.3 )

1 x SDI (3G-SDI,S module)

1 x Displayport

1 x Balanced analog audio


2 x DVI

1 x VGA (Via DVI2+VGA OUT port)

1 x Balanced analog audio

4 x LAN (Output of sending card)

Control Interface

Local front panel operation

Remote RS232, USB, TCP/IP control

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Package size


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Package weight


Work Temperature


Relative Humidity


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