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10/10/2015 11:45:43 AMCity Hotel – Foshan Project

       Foshan City Hotel is designed according to the national standard of five star with luxury decoration and diversified functions which is a large business hotel  combining business and entertainment functions.

This project use three VSP 168S, one VSP 3500 and one DXP D0108; the VSP 168S is the controller, it output to another two VSP 168S and the VSP 3500 by distributor DXP D0108, which realized the sync output control through different signals switching of VSP 168S, and then VSP 168S and VSP 3500 signal can realized independent control.


There are four screens on the scene:

One mian screen: resolution 1984*1120, use VSP 3500

Two side screens: resolution 1024*640, use VSP 168S

One small screen: resolution 704*544, use VSP 168S





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